Unapologetically Cheryl

She knew exactly what she wanted to achieve when she hired me for her rebranding images.  Metamorphosing from Guest Blogging mentor for women writers and columnist for Huffington Post to author of an upcoming erotic crime thriller trilogy, she has ever-so boldly unleashed her inner vixen and empowers driven women to do the same.  She provides a kick ass (or an ass kick) pep talk via multiple social media groups daily.  This woman is on fire and I am thrilled to have captured her flame in photographs.

We first met to go over some inspiration material she collected and I knew right away that she had come to the right place.  She wanted seductive.  Powerful.  Alluring.  It was perfect.  I was stoked and so was she.

The day of the shoot she met Auzsha from A Perfect 10 Beauty and we all created a game plan for her hair and makeup.  Like all my other clients she fell in love with the setting– a Penthouse studio loft located in Gastown with a killer view of the city.  “Let’s shoot out on the balcony” she requested.  

And so we did.

We had fun, we laughed, and danced to Beyoncé.  After a few wardrobe changes, yoga-like poses and a bold red lip application, the shoot was over.  I started editing while she embarked on her three week trip to Britain.

Her being overseas never slowed her down.  She dealt with business and stayed connected with her following on social media.  With drastic change comes a drastic change in audience but she has shown that there’s no f*cks given and that she is staying true to her bold self.  There’s no stopping her.  It also served as further inspiration to me when editing and stylizing her images.  

We met again for her Reveal Session after she returned from her trip.  I had printed her images, matted each of them, along with a handmade archival folio box for her matted photographs.  I was finally about to present her stunning images before her and I couldn’t be any more excited.  When she entered the room and saw them, her reaction was priceless.  I’ve done my job.  I was satisfied.  Not only will she have these photographs of herself for many many years to come, she will also use one of these images for her book!

As a new fan of hers, I can hardly wait to get my hands on her novel, Angel Of the Night… and as her photographer, I can’t wait to see my work on the jacket cover!

“Collaborating with Marissa was an absolute blast from start to finish!

Heading into the process with a strong vision for our shoot, I met with Marissa and together we created a concept for the images. Marissa helped with styling and clothing before the shoot too and I felt supported at every stage. During the shoot itself, Marissa and her make-up artist Auzsha were my dream team! They worked tirelessly to obtain our desired shots and didn’t stop until we had it. I felt comfortable on set due to their contagious energy and positive spirit. We had a LOT of fun! And then the final images – would they live up to my initial vision? No. They SURPASSED it!

I am floored by Marissa and her team. If you need images, you need Marissa. Simples.”

- Cheryl Muir, Author (www.cherylmuir.com)

Find her on Facebook and Twitter as @cheryljmuir

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